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We also believe that through the game of baseball we can help build determination and develop character that will be an asset to our players not only in the game of baseball, but for life.


NTX Staff

Mike HamiltonNTX Director
Connor BerryNTX Director
HC 2027 - Black
HC 13u - Black
HC 9u - Gold
HC 8u - Black
Dr Dillan BollwinkelTeam Chiropractor
Apex Spine and Sports
Jimbo PernettiDirector of Sports Performance
SPN Athletics
Marrisa PetersonDirector of Sports Nutrition
SPN Athletics
Trey SchertzCanes NTX Admin and Social Media
Scott CorrellHC 2026 - Scout
HC 13u - Gold
HC 10u - Black
Colin YoungHC 2024 - Young
HC 2026 - Young
Rolando PastranaHC 2025 - Pastrana
HC 13u - Pastrana
Lance BroadwayHC 2027 - Broadway
Toby RumsfieldHC 2027 - Rumsfield
Josh StevensonHC 2027 - Stevenson
Shane WallaceHC 2027 - Wallace
Chris DurbinHC 2028 - Curbin
Kris PriddyHC 2028 - NTX East
Kendall DillinghamAC 2028 - NTX East
Jordon PowellAC 2028 - NTX East
Ty RutherfordHC 2028 - Black
John HerrickHC 2028 - Black
HC 2026 - Prospects Gold
AC 13u - Black
James NixHC 13u - Nix
Ryan RodgersHC 13u - Rodgers
Mike WilliamsonHC 13u - NTX East
Jerry CaliendoAC 13u - NTX East
Cody McLaughlinAC 13u - NTX East
Trevor HillhouseAC 13u - Gold
HC 12u - Black
Octavio RodriguezHC 13u - White
Jeremy BinghamHC 12u - NTX East
HC 10u - NTX East
Kyle FordAC 12u - NTX East
Brandon VillarrealAC 12u - NTX East
Steve HahnHC 12u - Hahn
Austin VillanuevaHC 11u - NTX East
Kevin ParkerAC 11u - NTX East
Mike WilliamsHC 11u - Williams
Guy SerranoHC 11u - Serrano
HC 10u - Serrano
Dylan GautreauxHC 10u - Gautreaux
HC 8u - Gautreaux
Rocky PadillaAC 10u - NTX East
Randy GarrisonAC 10u - NTX East
Francisco AmadorAC 10u - Black
Jeremy AdamsAC 9u - Gold
Jeremy FitzgeraldHC 8u - NTX East
Gary FitzgeraldAC 8u - NTX East