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Each player must register to their current team through the links below. This must be completed each season. Registration is done through League Apps. If you do not have an account already, you can create one when registering. If you have any registration questions please contact Canes NTX at Players are not officially placed on the roster until registration is complete.

Uniform 2023 Error

This form is for those with an error in their Spring 2023 uniform order.
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HS Uniform Order

  Sizing available at The Ranch, Mon-Thu during normal business hours; March 1st - March 27th.

  Please direct questions to

Place your order using the form below:

HS 2023 Uniform order

Uniforms - 15u
Select Sizes for 15u Uniform Package Players will receive: 2 to 3 Jerseys | 2 Pants | 1 Hat